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Options for financing psychological, psychiatric and psychotherapeutic services

In relation to the costs of psychological and psychotherapeutic services, a distinction must be made between curative treatments and counseling sessions. Basic Swiss health insurances will only cover illness treatments, wheras some supplemetary insurances come up for advisory consultations in varying amounts depending on the chosen insurance plan and company.

Medical services

All medical services are settled according to TARMED * rates and are covered by the compulsory basic health insurance of all Swiss health insurance companies, minus franchise and deductible. The covered medical services include delegated psychotherapy.



TARMED is a mandatory tariff for all outpatient medical services provided in Switzerland, in hospitals and in free practices, effective since 2004.

Psychological services

Apart from the delegated psychotherapy, which is looked at as a medical service, psychological services perfomed by psychologists have not yet been included in the Swiss performance index of basic medical insurance. However, health insurances generally contribute to these services from supplementary insurances. The tariffs are subject to agreements with the performing therapists.

In justified cases, the state disability insurance provides financing for psychological services, especially for psychotherapies with children.


Services payable bei basic Swiss health insurance

Psychiatry and medical psychotherapy approx. CHF 16 per 5 minutes
Delegated Psychotherapy approx. CHF 11 per 5 minutes
  • These services are ment for illness treamtments only.
  • Swiss health insurance companies cover 90% of the costs minus the annual franchise.

Private rates

Individual clients CHF 160–220 per 50 minutes
Couples and groups CHF 300–400 per 90 minutes
  • Contributions to these costs are possible by supplementary health insurances.
  • The above rates apply also for supervision.
  • In special cases lower rates can be negotiated with the individual therapist.

Services payable bei Swiss disability insurance

Psychotherapy with individuals CHF 35.50 per 15 minutes
  CHF 142.00 per session