View from the psychiatrist’s office

Psychiatrist and delegated psychotherapy

The psychiatric services of our clinic consist in therapies which are conducted by the psychiatrist himself and the so-called delegated psychotherapies performed by specialized psychologists. All these treatments are covered by general Swiss health insurance, compulsory to everyone residing in Switzerland.

The psychiatrist in the Praxisgemeinschaft 4P works primarily according to the methods of integrative psychotherapy. People with various difficulties and problems can turn to him. Simpler and more severe disorders as well as the treatment of acute crises are his area of expertise. 

As a physician, he can also assess physical aspects of a possible mental illness and intervene accordingly. In agreement with the patient, the psychiatrist, administers medication where advisable, or provides corresponding prescriptions for the patients of the delegated psychologists. If necessary, he can attest for a sick leave.


Delegated Psychotherapy

Delegated psychotherapy offers the possibility to get treatment by a qualified psychologist at the expense of basic health insurance, provided the treatment concerns a disorder with so-called illness status.

All forms of psychotherapeutic treatment can be carried out in delegation and cooperation with the psychiatrist, including prescriptions of psychiatric medication. You’re welcome to contact directly our English speaking psychologist.

Delegated psychotherapy was launched in the early 1980s due to the lack of legal foundations to allow psychologist as care providers at the expenses of health insurance. Since psychotherapy is inevitably tied to the person of the therapist and therefore cannot actually be entrusted to somebody else, the solution is unfortunate, it was meant to be a temporary and to be changed as soon as possible. But it took 33 years for a Psychology Professions Act to enter into force. Now since April 1st, 2013 the prerequisites have been created for psychological psychotherapists to be included in the general health insurance as self-employed care providers, similar to the medical psychotherapists, but still the situation hasn’t changed yet.

So far models are discussed where physicians decide on the indication and if advisable prescribe a psychotherapy. The treatment would thereafter be conducted in complete responsibility of the psychologists. However, when and whether such a regulation will come into force is still unpredictable and prone to political winds and developments.


Crisis Intervention

Crisis interventions offer people in a state of mental distress the fastest possible support.

The crisis may either have occurred suddenly, or the suffering may have gradually developed beyond bearable limits.

Crisis intervention mainly includes the analysis of the problem and the assessment of further steps to be taken. Crisis situations often require a close follow-up and drug therapy and are frequently succeeded by an actual psychotherapy.