Armchairs in a cosultation room

Psychological counseling and coaching

Psychological counseling and coaching is provided for people seeking clarification and orientation in specific psychological questions. These services do not replace either a medical treatment or a psychotherapeutically indicated therapy nor are they covered by health care insurances.

We offer counseling in the fields of personality development, marriage and partnership, family and education, as well as adolescence and school problems.


While in counseling we are looking for expertise-based answers to existing questions, the target of coaching is aimed more at promoting the individual solving competencies of a client in his professional or private matters. Praxisgemeinschaft 4P offers primarily coaching for individuals and couples in private and businesswise challenging situations.

Online Counseling

After initial consultations, at the client's request, counseling can also be conducted online. The appropriate communication channels (Skype, FaceTime, etc.) are continually expanding and allow conversations with audio and video transmission from all places of the world where a sufficient internet connection is available.